After my third annual attempt to switch to Dvorak it has finally “stuck”. By “stuck” I mean I’m stuck in Dvorak because I’ve screwed up my Qwerty so bad that I can’t switch back and be productive. At this point I think it’s mostly a geek status thing since there’s no hard evidence there’s any […]

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Horological Adventures

I am obsessed with mechanical watches and I blame Apple. I would have happily walked around watchless for the rest of my life had my interest not been piqued. Funny enough, I have no interest in Apple’s horological offerings. Great Grandpa’s Ball Pocket Watch Ball Watch Co. didn’t make any watches but instead devised a […]

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Accidental Watch Enthusiast

The watch had been hanging there under the glass for just about a year. It was given to me the Christmas before by grandpa. It belonged to his father before him. He told me he had it serviced once and it had worked but it does not wind anymore and certainly does not run. I […]

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Mainsail Tear

On the last sail I saw a tear in the leech of the mainsail I hadn’t noticed before. It follows the top edge of one of the batten pockets. It looks like this batten pocket has been ripped and sewn back on. There was a temporary piece of nylon tape holding it together. I ordered some […]

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Sailing Reading Material

I hope to be taking some multi-day cruising adventures so I’ve been diving into books. Plain Sailing by Dallas Murphy If you’ve already had your first sail in a dinghy this book has been great in going past “the basics” when it comes to sail trim and points of sail. I really enjoyed Plain Sailing and it […]

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Achieving Nirvana

My name is now on the title of a Clark Boat’s San Juan 7.7 Bermuda rigged fractional sloop named Nirvana. As a proud boat owner I now get to fix all the broken things on it. Maybe I’ll even sail it! I hope this is the beginning of some grand adventures in the Salish Sea.

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Learning to Like Exceptions

If you would have told me two years ago that I would being writing Java for my livelihood I would have punched you. Transitioning from more dynamically typed environments to Java felt like I was being bossed around by javac and I hated it. The most tedious example of this was exception handling. A few […]

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You are not your home directory. You are not the contents of your source repository. You are not your farking editor. You are the all-singing, all-dancing self-replicating code of the universe. And you are shutting down, one day at a time. – Comment by reddit user grout_nasa

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